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=> To find information quickly on the North Ridge Software site, use one of our helpful search tools, which includes a powerful query mechanism and a comprehensive Site Map.

If you'd like to use Google to search for pages with particular content on the NRS Site, enter the search argument below:

Search the Site for:
You must specify one or more characters in the Keyword(s) field to initiate a search!

Search tips:

  • Use quotations to search for a particular phrase.
    For example, to search for information on our Single System Image product, you would enter "Single System Image". Entering the same query without quotations causes the search engine to look for all documents containing the words Single, System, and Image.
  • To exclude certain text from your search precede the keyword with a minus sign(-).
    For example, entering "Network Center" -Alias would search for all pages containing Network Center but not the Alias component.
  • Use the OR keyword to find all instances of either one word or another.
    For example, entering SME or INTERFACE would find all pages that mention either SME or INTERFACE or both.

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