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SNA/VTAM Future?


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North Ridge Software provides solutions that empower you to effortlessly and cost-effectively monitor, manage, and secure SNA/VTAM resources.

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Secure, audit, and control your SNA host resources with a powerful and flexible set of security tools more
Management and Availability
Feed the need for speed, availability, and control with load balancing and other networkmanagement tools more
Powerful Diagnostics
Make your job a little easier with powerful and interactive VTAM diagnostic tools more
What's New?
21 June 2019

The North Ridge corporate offices have relocated back into the Fairhaven neighborhood in Bellingham. Email addresses, etc. remain unchanged.

The current address is now:

  • 1010 Harris Avenue #201
  • Bellingham, WA 98225-7070
12 January 2017

Today, NRS accounces the termination of marketing and sales activities for our licensed software product, The Network Director.

We will continue to offer support services to existing clients with Maintenance contracts with a starting date prior to January 1, 2019 thru the end of the contract period. PDF

27 June 2011

Today, we're announcing the termination of active marketing and sales activities for our licensed software product, The Network Center. Support contracts and services will remain available for terms ending on or before 1 July 2012.

20 June 2006

The Audit SME's documentation is now available as an Acrobat Reader File PDF

26 April 2006 is now fully XHTML 1.1 compliant. We're doing some re-arranging related to how APARs and PTFs are posted, but all the previous support information continues to be available as before.

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